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Magic Jar Massage (Including Delivery.)

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1.Product name: Magic Jar

2. Product size: 45x45x93mm

3. Texture of material: silica gel

4. Weight: 80g

6. Input: 5V, 1A

7. Related power: 1w

a) Environmental silicone material

b) Vibration massage

c) Adjustable frequency

d) Flexible design, delicate appearance, easy operation

Can adjust the intensity of the massage pulse, there are 5 intensity levels.

Composed of 2 massage patches which transmit energy to the deeper skin areas.

According to the principle of negative pressure, the filling mouth can firmly hold the skin and act on the tissue by massaging the convex points.

Imitates human beating massage to open up body meridians.

2x magic jar

1x cable

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