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  • Clip-On Bluetooth Headset(Including Delivery.)

    R499.00 R320.00


    Remax Clip-On Bluetooth Headset RB-T12 Red
    – Smart Bluetooth clip-on headset
    – Transmission range 10M
    – Comes with strong voice functions
    – Makes the Bluetooth headset even more smarter
    – Supports multi-point connection
    – Built-in anti-lost voice prompt of mobile phone
    Package Includes

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  • i11 TWS Wireless Headset Airpods Bluetooth 5.0 Touch(Shipping Included)

    R499.00 R319.00


    Android & IOS Compatible

    Bluetooth: V5.0

    3-4 hours Talk Time

    2-3 hours Playing time

    1 hour Charging time

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  • inPods 12 ELEVEN inPod i12 TWS Wireless Earbuds Airpod i12s Macaron Bluetooth v5.0 Earphone Compatible with Android & iPhone (Shipping Included)

    R499.00 R349.00


    1. Bluetooth Version: V5.0 2. Working Time: 3-4 hours. 3. Charging Time: 1 hour. 4. Battery Capacity of Single Earphone: 35mAh. 5. Battery Capacity of Charging Box: 350mAh. 6. Wireless Distance: 10-15m. 7. Compatibility: IOS / Android / Microsoft, etc. 8. Product Weight: 4-5g (single earphone) 9. Color: Dark Green , Light Green , Dark Gray , White , Purple , Red , Yellow , Rose Gold

    Touch Control Tips : 1. Once touch: Play (Pause) music / Answer call 2. Twice touch: Turn up / Turn down volume 3. Three touch: Next song / Last song 4. 3s long touch: Wake up Siri (iPhone) 5. 5s long touch: Turn off earphones

    Accessories list 1 * One Pair of Bluetooth Earphone 1 * Charging Box 1 * Charging Cable 1 * User Manual

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  • Ovleng Innate Voice Gaming( Including Delivery.)

    R699.00 R299.00


    • High Sound Quality with Overflowing Immersive Experience) The latest 2.0 inch (50 mm) deep bass neodymium magnet driver gaming headset with clear audio analysis, stimulating acoustic effects, perfect treble and powerful bass, 360° 3D sounds, simulation voice, and voice reaches your ears, you get in the world of the game. You can understand the surroundings with just a hearing that can hear small voices, such as people, gun voice, explosion, and footsteps of enemies. You can experience the immersive experience of simulation and hyperactivity, which quickly recognizes position and movement. High quality for games, movies, music, voice calls and more
    • (New Crafts & Comfortable Ergonomic Engineering) The aircraft uses new technology metal surface treatment. It has a higher texture than traditional earbuds, and has a high-grade level of feel and is very comfortable. Prevent fingerprints and keep your aircraft clean Comfortable human body engineering, lightweight design. Soft cushion and gently wrap your ears so you won’t feel tired even after long periods of use, and the breathable function allows you to use it safely even in summer. Designed to cover the entire ear, prevent noise, and prevent sound leakage, and avoid any annoying surroundings. Adopts an expandable metal arm that can be used comfortably by men, women, adults, and children while wearing glasses
    • (Excellent Microphone & Beautiful LED Lights) Uses static prevention material to prevent static electricity during winter weather. It has a noise-reducing device that prevents all unwanted voices such as ambient voices and breathing while ensuring the sound is transmitted. With silica gel, the microphone can be rotated 120° and can be freely bent 360°. Use your favorite angle to experience a comfortable game. You can use it comfortably for Skype and other internet calls. Upgrade the volume controller of the aircraft, effectively improve the stability of the headset and adjust the volume more convenient. Just plug it into the USB port, and the beautiful LED lights are arranged to enhance the atmosphere of the game
    • 【Wide Range Compatibility】3.5mm connection port design. Can be used on all PCs, laptops, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo, Skype, PSP, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Smartphones, 3.5mm equipment, etc. Change Adapter as a gift. Note: 1.This earphone is not a USB earphone, the USB connection port is to power the LED lamp. 2, Microsoft Adapter is required to connect the old Xbox One (not included)
    • Product Warranty: This product has a 6 month warranty. Please contact our store email if you have problems such as initial defects or failure. We will re-contact you within 24 hours. We will try our best for you
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  • Wireless Headphones( Including Delivery.)

    R350.00 R145.99


    The MH2001 is a 5-in-1 Hi-Fi S-XBS Wireless Headphone,

    which can allow you to listen to audio or music from all kinds of devices such as TV,

    PC, MP3, CD, DVD players without interfering with others in how wired and wireless configuration.

    Built-in FM radio design allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations.

    It can also act as a great audio chat tool while surfing. In addition,

    it has a wireless monitoring feature for convenient care for the baby,

    old people and sick people.

    With high quality and ease of use, this is truly a wonderful Hi-Fi wireless headphone for you to choose

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