About Deal 4 Royals

Deal4Royals is a social buying website developed in 2012 but started operating in 2013. Like a lot of businesses, deal4royals was influenced by unsatisfactory service and goods we received from other social buying websites. Developing the deal4royals business plan, we set to focus more on the client and the friendliness or maybe i can say the ease of use of the website.it took close to a year to complete the website and numerous trials on usability and security of the website to finally unleash it to the public before it went live it had already garnered a 3 star ratings from independent reviews.

In our 2yrs of market research on social buying businesses, we networked with a lot of service and product providers in and outside the country that supply quality goods and deliver service that is close to none. After presenting our business plan to prospective investors, they immediately bought into our vision and committed to supporting us.
Our vision from the onset is to deliver quality custom service and obviously quality goods. We understand what the client wants and the frustrations that they go through with other social buying sites and we intend to capitalize on their short comings to always be a step ahead of our competitors. Just as the name says it, all deals that we run are fit for royals, and you the client are royals to us.


We hope to win over your trust and join the royal family, all of us are royals.