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KW350 V/A /OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scanner-NG-140

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-It is a good assistant for car owners, you could test almost all systems of for VW/for Audi/for Skoda/for Seat series vehicles
– Can easily detect nearly 130 systems includes engine, ABS, Airbag, transmission, radio, climate control, instruments, immobilizer, and so on.
– Read and erase fault codes of 101 system of VAG cars(ABS, Airbag SRS, EPB Reset, Transmission…)
– 4 special functions: Oil reset service, throttle learning, Brake Pad Replacement, Battery matching
– With an additional function, the OBD2 ENGINE scanner has.
-Automatic Scanner System, easy to operate

Functions for VAG:
– Engine, Auto Transmission, ABS Brakes, Auto-Air Condition HVAC, Cent_Elect, Airbags, Steering Wheel, Instruments, and so on.
– Engine, Diesel Pump, AWD, etc.
– ABS Brakes, Susp_Elect, Chassis Control, Airbags, Steering Assist, Tire Pressure, and so on.
– AutoHVAC, Position Sensing, Steering wheel, Aux. Heat, LaneChange, Central Cony, etc.
– Immobilizer, Instruments, Cent_Elect, Navigation, CAN Gateway, Tow protection, etc.
– Data Transfer, Media Player, CtrlHeadDash, Inform_Electr, etc.

-Display: Backlit, 128 64 pixel display with contrast adjustment
– Operating Temperature: 0 to 60C (32 to 140 F)
– Storage Temperature: -20 to 70C (-4 to 158 F)
– External Power: 8.0 to 18.0 V power provided via car battery

Package includes:
– 1 x KW350 V/A /OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scanner-NG-140
– 1 x User manual

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