Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions
Please read carefully the terms and conditions below before making a purchase. All purchases made with us (deals4royals) are subject to the terms and conditions underlined below. Terms and conditions sometimes vary depending on the merchant running the deal with us and will be written in bold below the running deal (fine print). Deal4Royals reserves the right to make amendments on the terms and conditions at any specific date.

1. Voucher: proof of payment document that you receive after buying a product/ service that is subject to the terms and conditions below.

2. Merchant: means a third party seller of goods and services for which a Deal 4 Royals voucher can be redeemed.  The details of each such Merchant will be published in conjunction with any particular Deal or will be made available to you on request.

3. Deals: means the limited promotional offer, which is valid for the Promotional Period only, made by a Merchant and advertised by Deal 4 Royals on the Main Website, in terms of which the Merchant offers to supply certain Products at a discounted rate.

4. CPA: means Consumer Protection Act.

5. Registered user: means that you have the right to purchase from www.deal4royals.co.za

6: Site: means the www.deal4royals.co.za

1: You have to be registered and over 18yrs old to make a purchase on www.deal4royals.co.za

2: Voucher purchases are to be made via a credit card or electronic fund transfer (EFT) only and no cash is accepted. After the purchase has been completed, Deal 4 Royals will e-mail you your voucher details that you can use as proof payment and should be taken to the Merchant for redemption. Deal4Royals will not store your credit card details on its server and will thwart any form of outside interference with its security features.

3 All Vouchers have an expiry date and should be used within that period. Please read the act below in accordance with the CPA
• Vouchers constitute promotional Vouchers as envisaged by Section 34 of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 ("CPA") and not pre-paid vouchers contemplated by Section 63 of the CPA (meaning that Vouchers need not be valid for as long as 3 years like ordinary pre-paid gift vouchers need to be). If the expiration of the paid value of the Voucher as of the date printed on the Voucher is in dispute under the CPA of South Africa, then the Voucher shall expire as follows: the promotional portion of the Voucher will expire on the date printed on the Voucher, and the paid portion of the Voucher will expire three (3) years from the date the Voucher is issued, except to the extent applicable law requires that the Merchant extend the period in which the Voucher may be redeemed. Although the merchant is obligated to honour the Voucher in compliance with law, if they do not, Deal4Royals is not responsible for issuing a refund. If the Merchant refuses to honour the Voucher before the legally permitted expiration date, then Deal4Royals may refund the paid portion of your Voucher in the form of a credit for future Deals. In order to receive the credit, you must provide the following information in writing to info@deal4royals.co.za: (ia) identification of the Voucher and Merchant with whom you sought to redeem the Voucher, (ib) statement of the date, time, and circumstances in which the Merchant refused to redeem the Voucher, and (ic) a statement, under penalty of perjury, that the Voucher has never been redeemed with the Merchant

4: Refunds are to be requested within 7 days of receiving a product that you are not happy with and can be done as soon as you return the product to Deal 4 Royals or to the Merchant of which the return address will be provided on the Voucher
• Refunds are processed only on Wednesdays and funds will reflect on your account within 24hrs and 72hrs of being processed by our accounts department
• Refunds can also be provided if you unable to redeem your voucher because that particular merchant has gone out of business

5: Cancellation of a purchase should be requested via an e-mail to info@deal4royals.co.za, and a valid reason should be given.

6: Making a purchase- please note that by completing a purchase you have agreed to the terms and conditions of our site. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, please refrain from making a purchase.

7: Vouchers are to be redeemed by deal 4 royals or by the merchant providing the deal. If you purchase a service voucher (Travelling, Adventure, Beauty Therapy, Education etc) please make a formal booking with the merchant either via an e-mail or phone so that your voucher can be redeemed. It is advised that you should make a booking as soon as possible to avoid delays or unforeseen circumstances like when the merchant closes business due to reasons beyond our control.

8: Deal 4 Royals will not be held accountable for any injuries or health problems sustained during a service that you purchased through deal 4 royals. You can sue the Merchant that provided that service and Deal4Royals because we sold the voucher on their behalf.

9: Deals can only be bought within the period specified by the site. After the deal closes payment cannot be done. An exception will be given to a client who request to buy a deal less than 3 days after the deal closes. Deal4Royals will open the deal for a specific time to allow you to purchase it and immediately close the deal. Please also note the period given for a deal to run can be extended for a few days

10: Return Policy- products can be returned within 7 days of receipt back to Deal4Royals or the merchant as per specification on the voucher.
• If the product you purchased is faulty you have to contact us via e-mail or phone within 7 days of delivery so that we can replace the faulty one with a working one or we can process a refund if you do not want the product anymore.
• If the product you purchased is not faulty but you do not like it, you have to return it within 7 days of purchase to the address provided on the coupon in its original packaging.

11: Referring a friend- if you refer a friend with the refer a friend link on our site and that particular friend makes a purchase within 72 hrs of being referred to and does not cancel the voucher within 7 days, your account will be credited with R50 . You can refer as many friends as you want, this gives you a chance of getting free credit that you can use to make other purchases on our site. Please note that free credit expires after 6 months of being issued.

12: by registering on our website, you agree that you may not whatsoever interrupt with our website or infect it with virus that will cause our website not run smoothly. Deal4Royals reserves the right to suspend your account if it finds you responsible for not being in compliance with the Terms and conditions of our website. Deal4Royals will not be held responsible for lack of functionality which is dependent on your browser, your computer or any other third party.
• Deal4Royals contains copyright and other intellectual property that cannot be used without the company's consent.
• Logos and the design of our website should never be ripped off

12: The relationship with you and the Merchant is as follows:
-We are the medium between the Merchant and You
- The Merchants address will be provided on the voucher or upon request

-our company details are:
Deal 4 Royals (PTY)Ltd
Registration Number: 2012/167297/07
Business Address: P.O.Box 781252
Sandton, 2146
Phone Number: +27 11 039 6502
Fax Number: 086 246 2157
E-mail Address: