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Health Massage And Waist Twisting Disc (Including Delivery.)

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Twisting works your upper body, lower body and all at the same time. 🔥 Twist to your favorite music, while watching TV or on the phone. Convenient and can be done anywhere! Twisting restores proper movement in back muscles. No learning curve, anyone can do it. Detoxes your body and enhances nutritional uptake at the cellular level. Helps realign the spine. Restores balance and gives you a strong foundation. Strengthens muscles, tendons and ligaments. Helps to detoxify the waste, lactic acid and acidity from the body. Helps to eliminate pain, inflammation and internal scar tissue formation. Full body muscular skeletal workout. Effective cardio workout. Reduces premature aging. Gives you a strong core, toned tummy and a smaller, toned waist.

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