How it works
What is Deal4Royals?
Deal4Royals is a social buying website. We offer products and services at promotional values. We negotiate with suppliers and service providers for the best deals at affordable prices to promote their products/services.

How do I register?
Deal4Royals is a user friendly website making it is very easy to register. Click on register at the top of the www.deal4royals.co.za website and enter your e-mail address, your physical address and your contact details and sign up.
How do I get a Voucher from Deal4Royals?

To purchase from www.deal4royals.co.za, you have to be registered first. After you have registered, click on the deal that you are interested in, it will direct you to an option to choose the form of payment, which is either a credit card or EFT transaction. After making the payment you will get a voucher confirming your payment with a voucher number. The voucher contains information about the deal you purchased and a voucher number to identify you.
Can I buy a voucher for someone?

You can also purchase a voucher as a gift for someone else. All you have to do is to enter their details on the voucher and the product or the service will be provided to that particular individual. Please note that the money you paid for the product or service will not be reflected on the coupon.
How do I advertise on the website?
We welcome all different suppliers and service providers. All you have to do is e-mail us on info@deal4royals.co.za with your product/service presentation and we will get back to you within 24hrs. Profit sharing will be discussed in a meeting that can be arranged.
Are my banking details safe?

This worry to everyone buying products/service over the internet. The Deal4Royals website is secured by SSL data encryption, so you can rest assured that all your banking details are secure.

How long do I wait before I get my product/service?
All deals are subject their own terms and conditions. Most products delivery takes between 7days to 20days, if for some reasons beyond our control there is a delay, we send a mail merge to all our clients notifying them of the delay. Services are mainly provided as soon as you buy the deal. All you have to do is e-mail your voucher details to the service supplier (details provided on the voucher) and book an appointment. You can also book an appointment telephonically.
Where do I complain if I am not satisfied with the product/service?

Once in a while a faulty product can be shipped out to client, unintentionally and that presents a huge inconvenience to the client. In such a case you can call us on the number provided on the contact page or you can e-mail us on info@deal4royals.co.za and a company representative will look at your query and subsequently solve it. In a case where you are not satisfied with the service, you can also e-mail us on info@deal4royals.co.za.
Can I come and collect a product from your premises
It is possible to collect some products from our offices depending on the supplier of that particular product. You can either e-mail us or phones to arrange for the collection of your order from our offices.

Where do I get a tracking number for my order?
Clients have a right to track their orders bought on our website. After orders have been shipped out, we send a mail merge with tracking numbers and the tracking link to trace the whereabouts of their orders. If products are sent via door to door courier, contact will be made first before delivery takes place. A few products will be sent via the postal services and in that case a notification will be sent to clients.

How do I redeem my order?
The website is live 24/7 so you can redeem a voucher anytime of the day. Suppliers will be provided with a password to the website that gives them the rights to redeem vouchers that have been brought in by clients. Products redemptions will be done by Deal4Royals.

Can I change I deal that I purchased by mistake?
A mistake can happen whilst you buy a deal and you buy a deal that you are not interested in. I such a case you can call our customer service department or e-mail support@deal4royals.co.za to rectify the mistake.